It seems like each year there are more and more smartphones being introduced. Last year 2012 had some amazing phones and phone companies managed to max out the specs of the high end smartphones in terms of the screen resolution at 1080p and the video resolution being able to shoot at 1080p.

htc one

What could phone manufactures do in 2013 to make the phones be an improvement over 2012 to sell well? It looks like several things are getting upgraded a couple breakthrough technologies too.

First up is the refreshed processors that are being bumped to quad-core vs dual-core. They’re sticking with 2GB of RAM for now which is fine and they’re pushing the on board storage to 64GB-128GB…this is actually needed if you take a lot of video at 1080p….it will eat up GBs fast. You can learn more about the new Verizon phones in 2013 here.

All the phone manufactures are working on better camera picture/video quality, software enhancements overall and the high end models are going with either wireless charging or waterproofing.

Unfortunately so far no company in 2013 has focused on one major issue..the BATTERY LIFE. Yes, please triple the battery life so my phone will last a full day of me doing whatever I want on it and not having to worry about it running down.