A New Gun

I purchased two new guns recently. First is the Glock 42 (www.weaponhero.com/glock-42-for-sale) that just came out. It’s basically the Glock that I’ve been waiting for…small enough to carry and not be a big bulky piece of metal in my waste band.

The G42 is less than one inch thick and about 6 inches long. It’s mostly polymer so it’s light weight too. I’m getting a pair of the big dot sights put on it so I have a night sight front and I think the big dot is a bit better for quick target acquisition and perfect for a defensive gun like this. weaponhero.com/glock-42-accessories

glock 42 laser sight crimson trace

The second gun I purchased around Christmas was the GSG 522 22lr rifle. It looks like a sweet HK MP5 however it’s only around $350 and has some pretty cool accessories. It came with a 22 round magazine and then I purchased a sweet 110 round drum magazine that looks awesome! I have 110 rounds of 22lr ammo in this thing! Checkout the picture below to see what it looks like. Awesome! You can see more pictures here.

It takes a few minutes to load all the 110 rounds in but it looks so cool and I can shoot a lot before I need to reload.


gsg-522-110-magazinePicture source: Weapon Hero


The Droid is Back

red droid ultra

About five years ago Motorola started the Droid line of phones and it has been one of their best selling brands. Android had just started to take shape and the Droid name was perfect and Droid became an almost generic name for android phones.

Moto has made 4 Droid phones each with a slide out keyboard and they also branched out two years ago to sell Droid RAZR phones that basically was a Droid without the physical keyboard. This year They’re coming back with three new Droid models for the 2013 holiday season.

The first and main phone is the Droid Ultra, then the Droid Ultra Maxx and last the Droid Ultra Mini. They all have a custom Motorola dual core processor with a quad-core graphics processor and 2GB of RAM.

Learn more and find some cases here at www.droidultracases.com & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Droid_Maxx_%26_Ultra

They all three have an awesome looking kevlar back plate and are super thin.  The Droid Ultra has a 5″ screen as does the Maxx and the Mini has a 4.3″ screen.

Google’s New Phone

Google has been trying to catch up to the iPhone ever since Apple launched it in 2007. They’ve almost matched the app store and the os and they almost beat the iPhone with the Nexus 4, but that was 2012 and it’s 2013 so this means they’re giving it one more shot.

moto x screen

Google has recently announced the Moto X phone and it’s due out late this summer. It’s a super high end phone that will compete with the iPhone, HTC One and the Galaxy S4.

No details as far as the Moto X specs go, but you can bet on all the high end specs for the camera and of course 1080p video recording. It will likely have a quad core processor and Google has said there are lots of cool and special software features not found in any other phones.

More details and info at http://motoxcases.net/

It’s up against the great galaxy s4 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samsung_Galaxy_S4

Tons of new phones

It seems like each year there are more and more smartphones being introduced. Last year 2012 had some amazing phones and phone companies managed to max out the specs of the high end smartphones in terms of the screen resolution at 1080p and the video resolution being able to shoot at 1080p.

htc one

What could phone manufactures do in 2013 to make the phones be an improvement over 2012 to sell well? It looks like several things are getting upgraded a couple breakthrough technologies too.

First up is the refreshed processors that are being bumped to quad-core vs dual-core. They’re sticking with 2GB of RAM for now which is fine and they’re pushing the on board storage to 64GB-128GB…this is actually needed if you take a lot of video at 1080p….it will eat up GBs fast. You can learn more about the new Verizon phones in 2013 here.

All the phone manufactures are working on better camera picture/video quality, software enhancements overall and the high end models are going with either wireless charging or waterproofing.

Unfortunately so far no company in 2013 has focused on one major issue..the BATTERY LIFE. Yes, please triple the battery life so my phone will last a full day of me doing whatever I want on it and not having to worry about it running down.



Sony’s Awesome New Android Phone

Sony has been on the sideline over the last few years when it comes to high end smartphones. However, they’ve recently announced the new Sony Xperia Z and Xperia ZL. These are both running the same quad-core processor and have 2GB of RAM.  They also have the same size screen.

The differences are in a couple areas.

The ZL is waterproof for a max of 30 minutes and as you can see by the video below it works well.

The second difference is that the ZL has a removable battery and a physical camera shutter button on the side of the phone that makes taking pictures incredibly fast vs the Z and other smartphones that only have a software shutter release.

The Xperia ZL and Z have different designs and the backs are different.

Checkout the Sony Xperia Z cases and accessories here www.xperiazlcases.com

Sony Xperia ZL back


Great Series – 31 Days of Mango

Jeff Blankenburg does it again with another great 31 day series of tutorials. This time it’s Windows Phone Mango.


31 Days of Mango

31 Days of Mango in eBook Form

In the past, Jeff has done awesome work with his other 31-Day series – such as 31 Days of Silverlight and 31 Days of Windows Phone 7.  I recommend any of his 31-Day series posts as well as his blog in general. Jeff always seems to come up with really helpful tips and tutorials.


Happy learning!

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